Across borders! REMEB is presented by SAM in Thailand

On 31st August, the REMEB project was presented with great success in Thailand. Alpagut Kara Prof. Dr. of Anadolu University, Turkey, and Coordinator of R&D and President of Seramik Arastirma Merkezi, the Turkish Ceramic Research Centre, participated as an invited speaker by the organization, making known to the public the eco-friendly ceramic membrane bioreactor based on agro-industrial wastes.

ICTA – International Conference on Traditional and Advanced Ceramics is promoted by The Thai Ceramics Society and ASEAN Ceramics. The event aims to disseminate the latest advances in ceramic materials, both traditional and advanced.

During his presentation Prof. Dr. Alpagut Kara explained the objectives of the project, con-financed by the European Commission, and the activities carried out so far to achieve them, which basically are the design, manufacture and validation of the REMEB ecological membrane bioreactor which is using industrial and agricultural wastes to manufacture membranes that will eventually treat wastewater.

He also talked about the type of materials they are working on, the difficulties that the SAM laboratory is facing in replicating the ceramic membranes with Turkey’s own wastes at a pilot scale and what solutions are allowing them to achieve the expected result.

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