Replicability of ceramic membrane manufacturing at pilot scale by ITC-UJI, CENTRO CERAMICO and SAM

REMEB manufacture replicabilityFACSA-exhibits

During this week the three ceramic research centres, participating as partners at REMEB_H2020 project consortium, ITC-UJI (Castellón), CENTRO CERAMICO (Bologna) and SAM (Eskisehir) are working on the replicability of REMEB ceramic membrane‬ manufacture at pilot scale in the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.
They are working in the pilot plant, mixing the composition of the ceramic membrane, extruding, sintering and characterizing the obtained membranes. They have also seized the opportunity to visit together with FACSA a WWTP and the MBR‬ pilot plant used in the project WATERCER.
The aim of this action is to standardize the procedure of the membrane‬ manufacture between the 3 ceramic research centres located in Spain, Italy and Turkey, which are strategic locations in terms of ceramics and olives production.