Prominent presence in the conference on membrane technology of FACSA-UJI Chair

REMEB had a prominent presence in the conference of FACSA-UJI Chair on membrane technology held on 14th and 15th December 2017 in Univeristat Jaume I of Castellón, Spain.

The first conference in wastewater treatment organized by the FACSA-UJI Chair has been dedicated to the applications of membrane technologies in the integral water cycle.

The REMEB project whose objective is to develop and validate a bioreactor of low-cost ceramic membranes based on agro-industrial wastes for the reuse of wastewater was represented by several members of the European consortium who spoke about their experience with the project from different technical perspectives:

Pedro Simón (Technical Director of the Entity for Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment of the Region of Murcia – ESAMUR): Experiences and results in the purification and regeneration of waters in the Region of Murcia through membrane technologies.

Enrique Sánchez (Full Professor at Universitat Jaume I): Low-cost ceramic membranes and their application in wastewater treatment.

Elena Zuriaga (R&D Technician at FACSA and the REMEB project coordinator): Influence of the characteristics of the mixed liquor on the operating parameters of urban and industrial membrane bioreactors.

REMEB generated great interest among the hundred technicians from the water sector attending the conference.