Hard work pays off!

The partners of the REMEB project are increasingly closer to achieving their objectives. The results of the permeate obtained by the eco-friendly ceramic MBR in the last tests have been very positive.

On the one hand, the value of the permeate flux reached with the REMEB membranes is 22 LMH.

On the other hand, the trials with the REMEB system show that the MBR treatment with the low-cost membranes, manufactured from waste and conventional materials, from the ceramic industry itself, such as clay, it is possible to reduce the COD by 94%, the concentration of suspended solids by 93% and eliminate E. coli bacteria by 99.9% from wastewater.

Although the latest data are estimable, the international consortium continues working in its last months to improve these parameters by optimizing the active layer of their recycled membranes.