The IMSTEC international conference devotes a session to the REMEB project

The International Conference on Material Science and Technology in Cappadocia (IMSTEC 2017), held in Turkey from 11th to 13th October has dedicated one of its sessions to know the progress of the REMEB project. Specifically, Prof. Alpagut Kara of Seramik Arastirma Merkezi (SAM), based in Turkey and one of the eleven partners participating in this initiative, has made known to the participants the last actions carried out in the framework of this project. REMEB which is developing a sustainable membrane bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater reuse, is using agricultural and industrial wastes for its manufacturing.

In addition to valuing this type of waste to produce an innovative product from recycled materials, the implementation of this new bioreactor has enabled the development of low cost ceramic membranes capable of treating both urban and industrial wastewater. These characteristics have given to the initiative a high scientific interest, as well as a great potential for commercialization, either in Spain or in the international markets.