ITC-UJI participates in Euromat in representation of the REMEB project consortium

The project developing a sustainable membrane bioreactor (MBR) from agricultural and industrial wastes

The REMEB project, which is developing a membrane bioreactor (MBR) sustainable from agricultural and industrial waste for wastewater reuse, participated last week at EUROMAT 2017, the most relevant European congress on materials and advanced processes held in the Greek city of Thessaloniki.

Professor Enrique Sánchez, from ITC-UJI, represented the REMEB consortium in this international event that takes place every two years since 1989. The Castellón researcher had the opportunity to expose the work that, under the title Olive waste used as pore generator in ecological ceramic membranes’, and give detailed information on the development of a project that has already passed its equator and is currently facing its final stretch with preparations for the field trials.

Sánchez is part of the nearly 2,000 researchers, scientists, students and industry representatives who shared their knowledge in EUROMAT with the aim of discussing the developments and perspectives of materials science, technology and its applications fields.