Centro Ceramico di Bologna (Italy)

CENTRO CERAMICO is a Research and Experimentation Centre for the Ceramic Industry, established in 1976, managed by a University Consortium composed of Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Confindustria Ceramica and ANCPL Emilia Romagna.

Within the REMEB project Centro Ceramico, being a research centre with high knowledge in the ceramic raw and waste materials and wide experience in forming processes, is involved in the key task of the replication of the procedure to manufacture the ceramic membranes. CC will develop the replication of the ceramic low cost membrane manufacturing with Italian sub-products, raw materials and wastes for validating the method developed by ITC-UJI.

Furthermore CENTRO CERAMICO will investigate a formulation of the mix, where also other kind of organic waste, typical of the Italian agrifood sector, will be exploited.