FACSA (Spain)

FACSA is a company specialized in water cycle management established in 1873 in Castellón, Spain.

FACSA will be the project coordinator of the overall REMEB project, taking advantage of its position of water utility and WWTP operator. Within the project, FACSA will lead the management of the project (WP1) and will work in the revision of the preliminary studies (WP2) and the study of ALEDO WWTP to implement the REMEB MBR. In addition, FACSA will collaborate intensively in WP4 (REMEB MBR validation at full-scale), working intensively in the operation of the REMEB membrane bioreactor and the existing MBR. Furthermore, FACSA will collaborate in the development of the business plan and an efficient plan of results exploitation.

FACSA has wide experience in the direction of R&D and Demo collaborative projects in the water sector, and will be able to establish synergies with other initiatives at local, regional, national and European level.