REMEB expands its contact networks with other European projects

  • The REMEB project expands its contact networks with other European projects, funded by the LIFE programme.

  • Elena Zuriaga, Facsa R&D Technician, presents the project at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

Last Wednesday, 16th February, Elena Zuriaga, Facsa R&D Technician and coordinator of the REMEB project, participated in the seminar “New tools for the management and planning of water resources”, at the Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain.

The event, organized by the IRRIMAN Life project consortium, hosted the presentations of 6 running projects funded by the European programme LIFE and the REMEB project, funded by the European  programme H2020, all with water as a common topic.

REMEB, very active in dissemination actions, shared the programme with the projects STO3RE, IRRILIFE; REWIND and REGADIOX, thus expanding its contact networks.

The event also included the participation of different members of the academic community, like Luis Ricote, Director of the UPM’s Technical School of Agronomic Engineering, among others, and Andrés del Campo, President of the Spanish Federation of Irrigation Communities (FENACORE).

The programme, which was developed in Spanish, concluded with the round table “Water, energy and sustainability in Agriculture. Role of professionals in the sector”

REMEB H2020, which is about to reach the first half of its life, aims to develop and validate a low cost recycled membrane bioreactor, made from by-products from the ceramic industry and agro-industrial wastes for the reuse of wastewater in areas with shortage of water resources.

The consortium of the project is now completing the construction and assembly of all the elements of the bioreactor for its implementation in the WWTP of Aledo, Murcia.

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