REMEB as an eco-sustainable choice in water treatment in Regional H2020 Climate Infoday


  • The project, led by FACSA and which includes a total of eleven partners from 7 different countries, seeks to develop a green ceramic membrane bioreactor from industrial and agricultural waste for wastewater reuse

  • Professor Enrique Sanchez of the UJI, member of the project consortium entity, broken down into a presentation the criteria that characterize this initiative on sustainability, climate, environment, water, eco-innovation, use of resources and raw materials

Regional H2020 Infoday day on Climate that took place today in Valencia, organized by the Confederation of Organizations of the Valencian Community (CIERVAL) and the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT), has seen firsthand the singularities which characterize the European project REMEB, led by FACSA and in which other ten partners participate, it aims to manufacture membranes from ceramic raw materials and agro-industrial wastes such as pomace, marble dust and the grog own pottery industry.

The presentation was performed by Enrique Sanchez, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Universitat Jaume I, who spoke in a practical way about the details that characterize this type of project, framed within the European Horizon 2020 programme in terms of innovation and the environment.

On the raw material used, it is not usable waste in the industry today, while there are no references of similar commercial membranes on the market, as noted by the professor.

As described by the professor of the UJI in his paper, the technology is, in a basic way, a combination of a biological process with membrane technology, where they separate the microorganisms of the final effluent. As for the main advantage of the MBR technology, Enrique Sanchez revealed that relates to high quality treated effluent, and can be either reused for irrigation or industrial processes.

Moreover, according to Sanchez, it is a low cost ceramic membrane in this well below commercial membranes on the market aspect, allowing to open new lines of business in this area.

This Infoday is part of the set of information days and thematic networking organized by the Generalitat Valenciana in collaboration with CDTI, Ivace, RUVID, Seimed and Redit in order to deepen in the work programs 2016-2017 in terms of the challenges and priorities programme research funding and the Horizon 2020 innovation of the European Union.