Specific Objectives

Recovering Waste Water

Last decades water stress has been growing in Europe both in terms of water scarcity and quality deterioration. Approximately half of the European countries, representing almost 70% of the population, are facing water stress issues.

REMEB project aims at generating a treated water of equal or better quality than that of current technologies for wastewater reuse of WWTP. The project will help to recover a greater amount of residual water, which may be reused in urban and industrial areas.

Developing a New Business Unit

REMEB project will manufacture ceramic membranes on an industrial scale in a ceramic industry, with a manufacturing process based on the production process, manufacturing tiles by extrusion industrially.

Since membranes will be manufactured in ceramic tile industries, it will allow sector companies develop a new business unit. The European ceramic industry has decreased their benefits over the last years, owing to globalisation and economic recession, and, by means of the diversification, REMEB ceramic memebrane manufacture will increase their benefits.

Valorising Wastes

REMEB will  foster the valorisation of waste products from various agricultural and industrial processes (alperujo, chamotte, etc.). The introduction of these wastes, together with the use of ceramic raw materials (clays, feldspars, etc.), will imply a significant reduction in the price of the ceramic membrane compared to the commercial ceramic membranes, made from alumina, zirconia or titania.

At the same time the use of these wastes will contribute to the reduction in production of sludges that must be managed.

Boosting Eco-innovation

The project will develop a low cost innovative product using recycled materials, which is optimal for MBR applications. By means of this, wastes that should be dumped in disposals are re-introduced in a production process, thus reducing the environmental costs.