TECNOAQUA magazine publishes the conclusions of the REMEB project

The Spanish magazine TECNOAQUA, specialized in water collection, treatment, distribution and purification, publishes the conclusions of REMEB project in its edition no. 34 of November – December 2018.

Nowadays, the growing water stress caused both by the water scarcity and by the deterioration of its quality, mainly in the Mediterranean area, leads to promote wastewater treatments that allow to obtain water treated with enough quality to be reused. The membrane bioreactors (MBR) combine biological treatment with membrane technology, being an alternative to conventional wastewater treatment processes, compared to those that obtain a high quality effluent. The drawback of this technology lies in the cost of implementing this treatment. In this sense, REMEB has developed a ceramic MBR, sustainable and competitive for urban and industrial WWTP, with membranes manufactured from raw materials and ceramic by-products and agroindustrial wastes.

Read the article (SP): https://bit.ly/2ESvHXy